Public Safety

Public Safety

Trust is the most important ingredient in public safety and policing.  Without the trust of all members of the community - including and especially those who feel they haven't been treated fairly in the past, the cooperation needed for effective public safety will be missing, and crimes and potential issues will go unreported.

I oppose Urban Shield and other forms of police militarization.  Instead, to create more trust, I support efforts to create more accountability, including:
- Stronger oversight by the Police Review Commission and adopting their action plan to address racial disparities.
- Use of body cameras and also protecting civilian observation of police activity.
- More community emergency preparedness training.
- Decriminalizing homelessness, and creating a mechanism wherein the homeless, people with a mental illness, and the police work closely together to learn from each other and build trust relationships.  
- Limiting use of pepper spray and publication of mugshots in nonviolent protests.

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