Addressing Climate Change

As an artist, I look at the big picture.  As a environmentalist with a background in zero waste and transportation, I look beyond the horizon and backwards and forwards in time.  

To be a true leader and example of a community, Berkeley needs a holistic systems approach to addressing climate change. 

This means reducing our impacts both within Berkeley and also accounting for goods and services provided by people living outside the city limits. 

Reducing Environmental Impact from the Big Four Sources: Transportation, Industry, Agriculture, and Buildings are the direct or indirect source of nearly all carbon emissions.  We can learn from our more frugal past to create a more sustainable future.

Shorten Commutes and Shopping Trips
- Zone to allow groceries, basic retail, and services within walking distance of all Berkeley residents.
- Build more homes, especially affordable homes, to reduce the need for our service workers to commute from far away. 

Culture and Economy of Sharing, Reuse and Repair
Economic incentives for reuse and repair businesses.
- More shared vehicles, tool lending libraries, etc.

Plant Based Food System
Events and incentives to promote plant-based foods.
Agricultural buffer zone to create fire barrier in the hills between homes and forests.

Compact and Efficient Buildings
Legalize subdivision of large houses into multiple homes.
- Promote cooperative living through working with Community Land Trusts.

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