Quirky, romantic, progressive – and pragmatic. I'm an artist, designer and community leader.  I've designed homes, businesses, and public infrastructure for the last dozen years. Through design we can be a city where children are safe from cars, where young adults can afford a home, where families know their neighbors, and where our elders can age in place.

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Beautiful and Affordable Homes
- I will use my design experience to revise our zoning to allow more apartments near transit, corner stores, and backyard duplexes. - while ensuring that new buildings complement existing architectural styles - no glass boxes. 
- I support the state and local housing bonds and Proposition 10, which would allow Berkeley rent control to keep rents permanently affordable.

Eco-Friendly Transportation and Food
- Transportation and food are the largest contributors to climate change.  I'll lead the effort to reduce driving - especially cut-through traffic - and introduce legislation and incentives to make Berkeley the leader in plant-based and vegan food business.
- The shift away from fossil fuels can't rely on regressive policies such as parking tickets that put a disproportionate burden on those who can't afford it.  Instead, we need to address the overconsumption and concentrated wealth.  By pooling, sharing, and reusing our resources can we have a society that is affordable, green, friendly and fair.

Well Funded Public Services
I'll welcome and seek out new homes and businesses - especially cooperatives - to grow our tax base. 
To fund the retrofit of Alta Bates Hospital, I'll lead the creation of a new housing bonus program with fees dedicated to saving Alta Bates.


My name is Alfred.  I'm an activist, artist, and designer. 

  • I've advocated for tenant protections, affordable housing, cooperatives, and expanding the housing supply. 
  • I've served on the City of Berkeley's Zero Waste Commission.
  • I have over twelve years of experience designing housing, from tiny houses to apartment buildings.
  • I've worked with the Student Co-ops, and other student organizations.

I'm here to work with you to bring about a better Berkeley. 

Alfred2018 Platform


  • Legalize Subdivision of Homes and Lots - Selling a portion of a house or lot provides entry-level homeownership opportunities, while also enabling homeowners to access their equity without having to move.  I'll use my design experience to introduce zoning legislation to make it possible. 
  • Regulated Tiny House Encampments - Instead of criminalizing homelessness, I'll work to set up permitted and attractive clusters of tiny houses.
  • Rent Control and Affordable Housing - Protecting low and moderate income Berkeley tenants is my first priority - I'm one of them, making just under median income.  I've been fighting to repeal Costa-Hawkins.  If elected, I'd work to implement policies similar to San Francisco's Right to Counsel and Social Housing proposals.
  • New apartments designed to fit in with existing neighborhood architecture - We need to increase our housing supply, but no more glass boxes!  I'll draft design guidelines to ensure that large buildings are built with materials and ornament that matches our existing architectural heritage. 
  • Read more about Alfred's housing platform here.

Housing examples

Saving Alta Bates Hospital

  • Working with the state government to pass legislation and funding to keep the hospital open is half the equation.  The high cost of the seismic retrofit will likely require some local match.  We can come up with this money by zoning for more senior housing, providing hundreds of new fully accessible homes and a source of development fees that can go towards retrofitting Alta Bates. 

Health and Safety

  • Traffic Calming - To reduce crashes and crime (which often relies on a getaway car), I'll work on lowering speed limits, adding car barriers, and closing more residential streets to outside traffic. 
  • Transit & Neighborhood Small Vehicles - Berkeley was built as a streetcar city.  Restoring 15-minute transit service in the hills can reduce traffic.  For trips not served by transit, redesigning roads for scooters, tuk-tuks, and other small vehicles can ease parking and traffic.  More details here!
  • Living Wage & Food Security - There's still a big gap between the cost of living and minimum wage.  At the least, large businesses seeking to open in Berkeley should be required to pay a living wage (currently $14.97/hour with health benefits, or $17.45 without).  As a capital of the food movement, we should also ensure that no one goes hungry in Berkeley.  I'll explore options such as Food Recovery or Inclusionary Dining.    
  • Mental Health Services - 1/3rd of Berkeley police calls are for mental health issues.  More preventative health and health staff can free up police so they can focus on crime. 

Arts, Culture, and Economy

  • Grow the Tax Base - To fund all the above mentioned programs, I'll encourage new homes to be built in Berkeley.  With more residents, we'll be able to fund more services and also spread out fixed costs such as retrofitting the Old City Hall.  
  • Prioritize Co-ops and Local Businesses - I'll maintain Berkeley's support of local businesses.  To bring convenience to neighborhoods and make it easier for people to start businesses, I'll also work on re-allowing corner stores and walkable small businesses.
  • Fund Arts, Festivals, and Events - Retail is shifting away from mass consumerism to experiences and maker movement customization.  Let's have more events to take advantage of this and capture our share of business.   
  • Zero Waste Reuse Society - When single use products are discarded, that's wealth leaving our community.  Tax and zoning incentives for reuse and repair businesses can keep resources circulating in Berkeley


- Rent Board Commissioners James Chang and Alejandro Soto-Vigil*
- Soli Alpert, Executive Vice President, Progressive Student Association*
- Juniperangelica Cordova, ASUC Senator 17-18*
- Helen Veazey, ASUC Housing Commission Chair*
- Emery Martinez, Berkeley Student Cooperative Vice President of Experience and Training*
Full list:
*Titles for identification purposes only


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